Happy 85th!

This week I was hired to shoot Jack! Jack Richardson turned 85 years old this week, and one of his daughters wanted to hire a photographer to document his birthday party. The birthday party took place at the beautiful Waimanalo Shriner's Beach Club on the east side of Oahu. It was a dinner party/luau, with a ton of loving family and old friends in attendence. Jack's neighbor, Henry Kapono, came too to play some classic songs. It was a great evening, and I really felt honored to be a part of the celebration.
"Jack and Jackie"

Kids, Grandkids, and Great grandkids.
The Birthday Boy
Some of the Richardson Family

Friends with cigars...

.. and pipes.
I took a Polaroid of each half of the lovely Richardson couple. I also asked them to describe themselves in one word and to write it down on the picture. Jack described himself as "Serious", and his wife fittingly put down "grandmother". A great match indeed.
Kapono played all his classic favorites. He had the whole place standing with applause.

... good evening