First Friday (of June)

The first friday of the month is usually a good reason to get out of the house and do something (if you have a babysitter.) I didnt do much, but i did some.

I started the night off by meeting some of the 'Ground Up Pirates' over at Pearlridge for a solo art show. The artist was Amy Wagner (a tattoo artist) and she was having her opening at the store Prototype. The art was top notch for sure!.. it really made me want to get a tattoo. You'll also be able to see Amy Wagner on the A&E channel this summer on a tattoo program.

also sighted, in Prototype i found this custom Bearbrick by Angry Woebots! noice.. (not for sale)

After Pearlridge we went down to chinatown for some first friday festivities. There was a new bar/ lounge opening up called "SoHo" (free drinks) so I thought i would check it out.

the line was long though, and it looked extremely hot and bothered inside, so I went down the street to the Loft.

Chi-town was packed as usual (and smelly as ever)

39 Hotel

So me Chad, Oli, Diana, and Talon settled in at the loft to see "Dub Phylum" play there set. Thanks to Chon P. again for hooking EVERYTHING up!!

by, bi, buy, bye