what day am i on now?? road trip update

Okay... for real. i dont even know what day it is. i think last i left off, we were leaving san fransisco.

since then, we have hit Yosemite, grand canyon, hoover dam, ?? oh and las vegas.. not in that order i think.. im a bit tired.

at another motel 6 right now (which are awesome motels so far). We are in Holbrook, arizona. tomorrow will be a long drive to carlsbad.

Vegas was junk.. i had a bloody nose, our car was bumped by a drunk driver, lost a few bucks, ripped off by a taxi, and almost had an asmtha attack in the casino.

Yosemite was insane!! definetely a recommended destination in the UsA.

Grand Canyon = awesome.

okay... lets see what we have with the pictures..

So first stop out of san fran was Yosemite... a 4 hours drive from my sisters house.
Yosemite is absolutely beautiful!! believe the hype!

Snow!!! so awesome.. we werent expecting as much snow as we found.

this hat is not only fashionable... its functionable (in yosemimite)
"steven the bat" is traveling with us.

family tree photo

got some wildlife

we caught our all-time low tempurature in yosemite

this is what the roadtrip looks like from the back of the dodge caravan (which is an awesome car)

bella just needs a few spongebob movies, and she's a happy girl

you get a lot of straight road, when you drive from place to place. with "Cruise control" you dont need to use your feet or hands to drive.

After Yosemite we stayed in our first motel 6.. it was cool, cheesy blankets added just the right touch.

one thing though.... the shower head was a bit too short for me. i felt like a giant.

another classic moment of road trippin' is catching that huge bug on your windshield... this is the biggest one weve got so far.

on the way to Vegas!!!

almost there

were here....

we stayed at the 'excalibur'.. first thing we did was see the 'tournament of the kings'' show. this was my favorite thing in vegas. bella loved it too.

here's the dinner! it was yummy... and yes, you have NO utensils to eat your food.

our hotel from outside

the real lion cruising inside the MGM hotel!!

Why collect baseball cards, when you can collect the new "topps" series Hooker cards.!?
And yes it is true, you can drink alcohol pretty much anywhere in vegas, on the sidewalk, in the hotel lobby, in the shower.. anywhere!!

we also took a long flight to Paris.

Made you look!! ha

we rided the Gondola's


One night we ate at the "rainforest cafe".. it was delicious. and best service in vegas..

One of the things i was mis-informed on was that, i heard that everything in vegas is cheap, especially the food. Wrong!!! everything was super expensive... EVERYTHING!

So we left Vegas.... on the way over the Hoover dam, and onto the Grand canyon!

We took route 66.. pretty neat.

The grand Canyon was.... Grand!! seriously though, it was absolutely stunning. it was a bit hazy, so my photos dont do so much justice.

Here's my shadow on the rock.

we encountered more wildlife here too!! roadside

we were there for sunset... which was stunning. it was hard to capture the light in the canyon and the light in the sky at the same time. youre just going to have to take my word, that it was eyeball poppin'!!

After we left the Canyon... we drove to our resting point tonight... Here I pulled over off of the interstate to shoot this picture of the sky. This is just a portion of the millions of stars that were in the sky. Not a single cloud in the sky, not a single manmade light on the ground. I had a perfect 180* view of the heavens. just look at this picture, and know that it was actually 100X better than that.

okay... its 3am. good night. hope to update soon!!!