Face to Face concert!!

Yay for my white friend Cameron. He has the "hook-ups" with all things important. So last night he asked me to be his prom date and he took me to the 'Face to Face' concert (all expenses paid).

Cameron said he checks my blog, so i put a picture of him on it.
The concert was at Pipeline cafe of course. Opening band was 'the 86 list', who was good as always.

86 List

You know when an old band like Face to Face comes to town, theres a certain crowd that will show up. People dont go spending there hard earned $25 to go to this concert just to look cool... If you were at the concert, you were a true punk rock fan from the 90's. It was a pretty empty show, but the crowd there was good. you know Frankie had to be there!
Cameron is old enough to drink an alcoholic beverage now. They served the alcohol in cans tonight, because i heard at the previous concert someone almost bled to death after he was hit with a glass bottle... soon it will be styrofoam cups only.
It was just like 1997, the only difference is the conversations we have now. Instead of talking about what spot we were gonna surf tomorrow, 'tracks' or 'barbers', we talked about marriage, weddings, children, business meetings, and our bed times. ha, seriously.

Face to Face came to rock!! They havent been here since the big mele like 10 years ago. Last night i have to say was 100X better than there last show. They played everything and only stuff from there self-titled album and 'big choice'. It was great, and i was happy to be there. Every other song would bring a flashback to a Taylor Steele surf video, or a beach session we would all have in Donovan Lewis's Vanagon at 'cambells'. 'Face to Face'.. was a great show, you should of been there!!

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