Carlsbad Caverns

Finally an update. this is actually really late. we were at carlsbad caverns on Friday the 20th. Carlsbad is a city in New mexico, and the 'caverns' are a national park about 10 minutes away. We stopped through here on our way to texas. The caverns were insane!! another beautiful stop on our roadtrip. heres the photos (some of them at least).. im up to 1200+ photos since we got to oakland on march 11th. anyway... heres carlsbad caverns. (You can click on any of the photos to enlarge them and see all the detail!)

oh.. first, what a crappy way to start off a beautiful day. After we checked out of our motel, on our way to the caverns, i got pulled over by the police!!! ack, the speed limit dropped from 65 to 45 mph, and i didnt see the signs. the cop said... "well there's good news, and bad news" before he gave me the ticket. "Good news?"... there is no such thing as good news when you get a ticket. well, i guess the good news was that i wasnt going to jail (for going over 20 mph over the speed limit).

his name was officer Hall. and yes i got a ticket... a $150 ticket!! eeek, the worst thing about getting a ticket, is that you think of all the other things you could of done with that money. ack. oh well, forget about it.

above the caverns, there is an old abandoned village... i think it was a village>?

some cactus on the way in.

we werent there for the famous "bat flights" when the bats fly out of the cave every night. (it was just the wrong season when we were there.) anyway, i brought my own bat.

this is the main entrance to the caves. The walk in total is about 2 miles, and you go down underground about 700+ feet.

first family photo inside the cave. the cave is pretty dark, so it was hard to get good lighting without using my flash, but i had to use it in some cases like this one.

this is the view of the entrance from inside.. maybe you can see all the air escaping out of the cave. its pretty neat.

a little reflection pond.

AMAZING !!!!! this is a giant room. there are some people in this picture, in the lower right hand somewhere, but you cant see them because they are so small compared to this room.

this was called the "whale's mouth"

more steep walkways to get to the bottom

this was the bottom (sort of),.. the trail kept going, but we had to head back up.

there is also a resturaunt at the bottom. its a pretty cool place. after you get to the bottom, you catch an elevator back up. it takes you through the rocks, pretty neat.

so we got out of the caverns about 2pm... now its off to texas to see shelby and vander!!

The GPS scared us for a bit, because it told us to take a short cut on this dirt road. the short cut ended up being 20 miles long, and we almost popped a tire on a rock.
we had to pass over this ditch with water in it. it was scary because there was nobody else on that road and nobody was catching cell phone reception.. yikes.
it really dirty'd up the van!! but we got out eventually.
next stop texas. oh and by the way, in case you have never driven cross country before, you might not know what a "truck stop" or a "rest stop" is, though im sure you have heard of them. A 'rest stop' comes up on the interstate about every 120 miles. its a place where people can pull off of the interstate (mostly truckers) and use the bathroom and stretch your legs.
this is what the bathroom looks like from the outside. sometimes they have a coke machine or a vending machine of some sort.
this is what the men's bathroom looks like on the inside. very strange urinals.
and no.. there arent any gay dudes having sex in the bushes behind the rest stop (think "there's something about mary").

nother update coming soon