bon voyage (to me)

im leaving on a jet plane...yada yada yada, you know the song.
Anyway~ its here!!! Our roadtrip is upon us. Tonight we leave for our 26 day 3,000+ mile journey across the continental U.S. Hopefully i'll be able to keep you guys up to date with my blog, but i dont know if i'll be around any computers. Wish us well! and Dad, if you're reading this.. See ya soon!!

Got my roadtrip hats!
got my camera gear!!
got crap...
This is Bella's sweet little suitcase..
Sams stuff.... notice, she hasnt tried to close her suitcase yet... so we'll see if it works. =)
and.. our trusty road atlas.. yes, we have a GPS. but hopefully i can still go old school with this baby.