looking forward this week (SOLD OUT)

im looking forward to a few pieces of art coming out this week!!

First, a new art print by Shepard Fairey/ Obey. A 'japanese pattern' print set in a black and red colorway. Limited to 100 sets worldwide, being released tomorrow, thursday, at 11am PST. the first colorway that came out last month, white and red colorway, sold out instantly. I missed out for sure on the first one. What sold at retail for $120 is now going for over $500 in the after-market. I'll be sitting in front of my computer for a few hours trying to get this print. any of you who have tried to buy a print from the obey website know that it takes a lot of time refreshing your screen because the whole system crashes, and stalls. good luck!!

also at the end of the week, a new toy designed by graffiti artist and designer "KAWS ONE" will be released. first to be released at the "Original fake" store in japan, then a few more will be released at hard to get online locations. this "dissected companion bearbrick" is a must have for all toy collectors.. the bearbrick will come in three different sizes, 100%, 400%, and 1000% (approx. 2", 8", and 20" respectively). gotta get this!!

EDIT!! so thursday morning came, i got out my comfortable "snuggie" and sat in front of my computer to try and purchase the new Obey print.
Went through about 5 minutes of this crap....
Then before you know it... SOLD OUT... dangit.