holbrook to carlsbad.

hi there, im typing to you from Carlsbad New mexico. We left holbrook, arizona this morning for the long drive. the drive took us about 10 1/2 hours. we found a place to stay tonight at about 11:30pm. we wanted to get a motel 6, but there was no vacancy.. so we went next door to some other place... i dont know the name of the place, i just know it has the word "inn" on the sign. also the lady that gave us our rooms was wierd. i had to go to the 'late night' window.. but it was covered with a window shade, so all i could see when i was booking the rooms, was the ladies hands!! i never saw her face, and i was talking to her through a small opening at the bottom of the window. wierd.
anyway. the drive here was nice, we drove through 4 indian reservations, drove by a petrified forest, the painted cliffs, and caught another awesome sunset.
tomorrow morning, we hit the 'carlsbad caverns' then another long drive to Ft. worth texas to see shelby and vander.
so far the trip has been good. although today Sam and her mom were feeling sick. i think sam has a stomach ache , and maybe a touch of food poisining from our late night food ventures. hope all will be better tomorrow.
here's our pictures from today!

this was our motel in holbrook, we were able to get joining rooms. it was just like that 6th grade field trip to the big island.

well, on the road again... nothing but open road and blue skies.

i let bella take one of my polaroids... she chose to take a picture of her new favorite toy, named "bear". I won the bear for her in Vegas. she loves this little guy.

passing time with her nintendo DS
i like seeing trains. its just something you dont see everyday in hawaii.. or i should say its just something you dont see ever.
out of arizona and into new mexico

we couldnt help but stop at one of those tourist "indian trader shops"

a lot of really cool stuff in there actually.

can you see the Heart in these cliffs??? pretty neat.

a lot of nice views in new mexico.. it kept the drive very lively.

can you find the teepee's on the cliffs?

another thing you wont see in hawaii, billboards.

i think this one is a little out of date, yeah?!
we stopped at a wal-mart supercenter, you know the ones that are huge and have a grocery store in them. It was wierd to say the least. as soon as we got out of the car in the parking lot, some native indians asked us if we wanted to buy bootleg dvd's out of there coat pockets. in the ladies bathroom in the walmart, there was doodoo on the toilets and all over the walls, used tampons on the floor... disgusting!! after we bought our groceries on the way out, some indian calling himself "L.A. rabbit" kept asking me for change, and told me his brother was Gerry lopez from hawaii. o.k. then... lets get in the car and get the heck out of here before someone shoots us with a bow-and-arrow.
the grocery section is big.. and with $0.88 t.v. dinner's, i guess you cant complain about the indians outside.
more great sites.

we some some deer? antelope? unicorns?? on the side of the road. i pulled the car over to get some shots. they stared at me for a bit, then pranced away.

the sunset over new mexico was insane!! i got this shot from the trucker rest stop.later down the road, i had to pull over to get some more photos. i am loving the skies here, they are so vast and un-obscured.

on the way to roswell, we ended up in some pitch blackness again. of course i had to pull over and stare at the stars again. When you drive through new mexico, you really start believing all the stories you here about roswell and other ufo type stories. it seems so possible that anything can happen in these huge empty areas. i did manage to see a shooting star, but didnt capture it in this picture. anyway here is the starscape from where i am tonight.
i didnt see much ufo activity in Roswell, except for this wal-mart.. it was "alien themed" at least.
a little tourist shop.
Not really a UFO.. but more like a UDO (unidentified driving object).. How did this guy get himself a 6 door sedan?? i think he made it himself honestly. crazy people in new mexico i tell you.
oh and last thing, i found some 'big red' at the wal-mart here. I am now 7 years old again.
alrighty then... i'll probably be able to update in texas with carlsbad cavern's pictures.

cool runnnings!