Georgia on my mind

Wowsers... i gotta learn to update more often so i dont get stuck with uploading 30+ photos. Anyway, as i type this its Saturday the 28th of march. Im in my dads house in georgia. we have officially been gone from hawaii for 17 days. We drove from Oakland to georgia at this point, and we still have a week of florida left. Georgia has been awesome, everything i expected it would be. Great rest, great family, great company, great everything. Actually today the bad weather has finally caught up with us. we've had perfect weather up until now. Today we have thunderstorms and heavy heavy rain, thats o.k. though because our plan today was to rest up and hang out in the house. Sunday we drive down to florida for Disneyworld, universal studios, Busch gardens... and anything else we can fit into a week.

I miss Kingsley at home, i hope talon is taking good care of him. Well here's the pics of georgia so far. We've done a bunch of cool things to pass the days. I got to see my step-brother play varsity baseball, we took bella to a science center, went to another "adventure center" with go-karts, hit the mall, went to church, went bowling, and went to a big circus.. here ya go. (click on a picture to make it bigger)

Here is a picture of our odometer of the mini-van before we returned it in georgia. we actually forgot to reset the odometer until after oakland. But we did the math, and so far we drove over 3,500 miles!! (and p.s. i found my 'squire' toy hiding in the mini-van.)

here is my dads house!! Its a 4 bedroom, 3 1/2 bath, 1 gameroom, 1 kitchen, 2 dining rooms, 1 living room, 1 laundry room, 2 car garage house with a fireplace. Yay!!! oh, and best part.... his mortgage is less than $1,500. (dont punch yourself in the nuts too hard). Theres a bigger house across the street for sale, only $250,000. anyone wanna move to georgia now? haha.

heres the living room, and 2nd dining room in the background.
heres the kitchen and main dining room below.
the backyard with patio..
the master bathroom, with walk-in closet, whirlpool bath, double sink, and stand-up shower.
the gameroom, where i beat sam everynight in pool.

So the fist day we were there, we went to the mall. But i left the girls at the mall so i could help my dad coach his little league baseball team. He coaches 6th-8th graders for a private christian school team. My dad is also the geometry, algebra, a.p. calculus math teacher for that school.

dude, you dont even know how jealous i am of his jacket!!! how proud can a son be?!

i didnt do much of coaching.. more of admiring. it feels good to pick up a baseball again. It really made me feel youthful again.

heres another thing you dont see too often. Gas was $1.65 by the augusta mall.

here's the pacsun in the augusta mall, i dont know why i took a picture. maybe its because i spent about 16,000 hours of my life standing in one that looked just like this. (my did the math for me in 3 seconds).
We went to this national science center located next to the savannah river. it was pretty neat. but i think me, sam, and erin had more fun than bella.
Here's erin taking her turn on the gyroscope thing. this is what i paid my admission for. its pretty fun.
i also flew this helicopter and saved some lives.... "git to the choppah!!"

so later that day, we went to go see my step-brother, Mike play in his baseball game. On the way walking to his field we passed the little, little league field. the kids playing on this field had to be like 5 years old. It was the cutest thing ever, this is the heartland of america. it was funny because the kids were playing, just because they loved to play. there were too many kids on the field, but nobody cared. there were 3 coaches in the outfield just to make sure the kids pay some attention to the game at least. it was awesome.

i miss being this kid.

here's my brother mike at his first up-to-bat. When i met mike he was 3 years old. Now he's a senior in high school, and the starting pitcher for his team. although he didnt get any hits today, my dad said he has one of the highest batting averages on his team. How proud can a brother be?! (oh, and my dad coaches this team too!)

Homeboy can pitch too!!

it was cool to catch a baseball game. it was one of those games that started in the day, then turned into night. it was beautiful.

unfortunetely their team lost (they played a really good public school)

The next day, my dad called in a substitute for his class so he could have a day off. The first one in 5 years he said. We did as much as we could to fill up the day. We went bowling first, my dad won, i got second, erin third, sam fourth, and bella last.

cute little bowling shoes for bella.

this was actually Bella's first time bowling.. glad she liked it. me and mommy had to help her roll the balls.

skinny on skinny.

half way through our game, they turned it into "cosmic bowling".. thats when i started to rule.

then we went to a place called "adventure crossing". its like a putt-putt with go-karts and laser tag and stuff. We didnt have time for laser tag, but we had a bunch-o-fun.

i rule at go-karting. the place was pretty much empty, so we got to enjoy the track to ourselves.

there was a lonely fat kid on the track.. he actually cost me the race!! move out da way son!
my dad also challenged me to a game of electro-hoops. I beat him by one point.

for dinner, we wanted to hit Olive garden again.. but my dad sold us on this italian place called 'Carrabba's'. It was fantastic!!

I got to see my another one of my step-brothers, Jeremy. He has a 2 year old daughter named Addison, she's a cutie!
I had the crab cakes for dinner, and the soup, and the fried zuchini, and the sirloin... deeeeelicous!!
Bella hanging out with her new cousin.

Later we drove down to the old part of augusta, by the savannah river, so we could see the circus in the 'james brown arena'. Old augusta is neat looking, it has very old houses and brick buildings, and everything looks run-down and haunted.

sorry guys...

the circus was awesome!! (it was actually cheaper than dinner). They had everthing you'd expect in a circus, jugglers - elephants - white tigers - clowns - acrobats - motorcycles, and more.

what would a circus be without 'snow-cones'?.. these ones came in souvenier clown cups.
they brought out 6 white tigers.. these things were crazy big!!! i thought the trainer was seriously gonna get eaten. the tigers did a lot of swatting and some growling. heres the big one standing on a rotating disco ball.

gotta love the elephants!!!

some balancing acts.. i like this photo because of the shadow in the audience.
it might be hard to see in the photo.. but whats going on is, there are 3 motorcycles doing circles in the steel cage sphere and there is a lady standing in the middle!

this clown was the best part of the show. he was the master of all things that had to do with bikes. in this photo he is riding a bike, that seriously is no taller than 7 inches, into a ring of fire! radical! *click on this picture to see the full detail of his bike, the thing is micro!

the acrobats...
grand finale

oh by the way, do you guys have these pringles flavors anywhere else?? we tried them out. not bad.

well, thats all for now. supposedely our hotel in florida has free internet, so i'll be able to update there too. hope you guys enjoyed our roadtrip so far.

take care.