another quick photo session with Cree

i met up with cree earlier this week to shoot photos. I still had my Fuji at the time, so it was pretty interesting. We didnt shoot for long, and just drove around looking for neat things.

one of the cooler things we found was this wall. For some reason i really liked the shadows on it

Chris did a little bit of 'sidewalk surfin'

One of the other spots we found was the Wyland painting by the airport.. i think it looks better up close, then it does from far away when you drive by it. We will definetely hit this place up in the day to try and get some other shots we were thinking about... anyone know where i can get a harpoon prop??

and!... have you noticed that commercial for "young Guns"?? its a gun store in Mapunapuna. Anyway, c'mon!!! you're telling me that they never noticed that there Mascots looked like Penis's !!?? its so obvious. I think their idea was to have little cowboys in big cowboy boots (Young guns)... but as you can see for yourselves.. its a pee pee!