Days 1,2,&3 of the road trip

So wow...! i have lots and lots of pictures.. blogspot takes a while to upload photos.. so i just uploaded a few of them, just to give you guys an idea of what we have done in our first stop, san fransisco. so we got in early Thursday morning, and im typing this saturday night. we are all packed up ready to leave tomorrow morning to yosemite national park. san fran was awesome!!! great weather, no rain... just a bit cold. Ryan and Sarah flew up to meet up with us too. here's a quick recap of what we've done so far. the photos are all out of order, but whatever.. i'll try and update again soon! till then, hope all is well with you my friends.

airplane ride.. it was good.

pretty much the routine.. a lot of walking... a lot of hoods up.. it was about 50 degrees all day every day..
cool street performer on the pier 39.
heck yes! we ate an olive garden... it was only a 65 minute wait.. but worth it.
bella and pink vespa
japanese tea garden in golden gate park.

one night we went out.. it was very fun. this is a picture of erin peeing on a sidewalk because she couldnt wait till we got home... CRAAAAZZZY!!!
dogs rule in san fran
kidrobot store on haight street
haight and ashbury

we went dancing at 'the cellar' it was "80's night".... dang awesome, we all had a blast. music was good, the drinks were ok, but they were straight alcohol!! a bit strong.
erin and jessica got engaged.

the cellar

bella fell asleep while we did more shopping the 'san fran centre'

fishermans wharf
this one's for chris, candy store/ urban outfitters
1/100000 bums

also... this was my favorite bum from san fran. he was playing a violin (that was terribly out of tune!) he was just hacking away at that thing making sounds of the devil. hilarious stuff. i believe in his head he thought he was playing a beautiful song. imagine the worst sound that could come out of a violin, and thats what it was.and i got this picture of this sea lion eating lunch. i dont know what kind of fish he caught, but it looked huge.. possibley a sharK?? dunno..

ikea is awesome!!
the last picture of my "Squire" before i lost him.. i think he jumped out of my pocket and wanted to stay in San fran.. i will miss him

muir woods.

this is a small view of my sisters loft... it was a great stay!
heres a quick video of my sister and erin doing there impressions of a homeless dude we saw earlier. the bum was sitting on the street screaming "jewelry" (i think).. and dont ask me how they got those alcoholic beverages out of the club and on to the street.

well... im very tired right now.. so thanks for coming by. hope to keep in contact soon.