1 more week till ROAD TRIP U.S.A!!!!

On March 11th my family will embark on our first cross-country road trip!! We will be gone 26 days! and do a whole bunch of random stuffs. Im sooo excited to go, I think I might pack tonight. We are renting a mini-van, not an RV, staying in a few motels some nice hotels and mainland family and friends' houses. Oakland to Orlando!.. here we go.
First thing, we will arrive in Oakland thursday 5:30 am. We will be staying at my sisters new loft in oakland, but spending most of our time in San Fran. Haight street will be a must, union square, and the pier of course. dont know what else we'll do while were there. We'll leave oakland very early sunday morning for the 3 hour drive to Yosemite park, i'll go on a photo flurry! we will most likely stay in Bishop after yosemite before our next destination.

after we leave Bishop, we'll take the nice drive through death valley on our way to LAS VEGAS!! its actually my first time to vegas, so it should be neat. Im more excited about the photo opportunities, and dont plan to gamble. We'll be in vegas for two nights.

after we're done with Vegas, granted we still have money left in our pockets, we are going to the grand canyon and hoover dam. just will spend a day here then gonna stay around flagstaff probably. Route 66 will me a must do!

Next, on our way down New mexico to Carlsbad. We wanna see the Carlsbad caverns! on our way down there we'll stop by Roswell and spend some money in some silly tourists traps.

After new mexico, its a boring drive to Ft. Worth Texas to go stay with our friend and old roomate Shelby!! We get to go see shelby and her son, Vander. Vander was Isabella's first best friend, so it should be interesting to see them back together again. We'll stay with shelby for a few days. Hit SXSW music festival in austin???.... maybe.

After we leave shelby and texas, we will be on route to Georgia to see my dad. We will stop midway between texas and georgia, most likely around Meridian Mississippi. we will get to see the mississippi river, i bet it looks like any other river.

out of mississippi and on to Augusta, Georgia! My dad lives here, so we will stay with him for 5 days just hanging out and relaxing from our cross-country drive. Six flags theme park in atlanta??... maybe. I cant wait for Sam to see Georgia for the first time. I love georgia, its kinda like a 2nd home to me.

After we get rested up in georgia, we head to our final destination. DISNEYWOOOOORLD!!! we rented a one bedroom villa in kissimme florida. We are planning on staying in Florida for a full week hitting up all the theme parks, busch gardens, disneyworld, universal studios, maybe sea world... and most likely disneyworld a second time!

When we are done in florida, we fly back home to hawaii. This is going to be an awesome trip!! yes, i will take 10 gigs worth of photos. hopefully i'll be able to keep you guys updated with my blog, but still dont know if im taking my computer. Thanks to Talon for agreeing to house-sit for us! Kingsley will repay him with butt snuggles and the such.
ONE MORE WEEK!! yaaaaaay.. i cant wait!
we did buy a GPS "tomtom" for our trip. i was reluctant to buy one, because i wanted to strictly use the paper road maps. i mean, isnt the whole purpose of a road trip having the "I think you missed the exit" arguement?!? by the way, you can buy Burt Reynolds voice for your TomTom.