new Fish eye 8mm wide angle lens !!!!!

YAY!!! I finally got my 8mm wide angle lens from ebay. Also known as a 'fish eye' lens, my new lens is an 8mm : f=4.0 sigma. What normally sells for $650+, i got for $350. Yay. Its strictly a wide angle lens, no zooming. Its a beauty!! its gonna be perfect for our road trip for those landscape shots. Also its pretty much a necessity for wedding photos and skateboarding photos!

Your average lens for you camera is probably a 18mm-55mm zoom lens. The photo below is taken with my 18mm-200mm lens, set at the widest angle setting of 18mm.
to show you the difference, the shot below was shot from the EXACT SAME LOCATION, with my new 8mm lens. oh heck yeah..
I took the lens into the backyard to play around...