"Target" practice in Hawaii

So two "Target" stores opened in Hawaii this week. One in Kapolei, and one in salt lake... and soon to be one on the big island. Me and Sam went to check out the Kapolei store yesterday. We've been inside a Target store in california before, so it wasnt completely new to us. But for those of you who have never been in one, its pretty cool i guess. I'd say the prices are very comparible to wal-mart, maybe $0.50 off here and there. But what we do like about Target is the 'fashion' of the products they do have. The clothes is a little better, the bedding a bit nicer, the picture frames dont look generic, the housewares are hip and modern, etc. Anyway, all we ended up buying was allergy medicine and new shoes for Bella.
they gave you a map when you walked in... so you can find out where the bathroom is.

you probably wont find surfboards in every Target store... they looked o.k. but i didnt see a price.
$1.50 for a can of Spam seemed to be a pretty big deal.. they needed to restock the shelves twice as i stood nearby.