Me and Pat surf secret spots

Tuesday: Me and Pat met up early in the morning (about 7am). We wanted to check out this spot that might be good on a SW swell. The spot is located somewhere between ewa beach and cambell industrial park, thats all i can tell ya. the paddle out was seriously about 1/2 mile... its by far the longest paddle ive ever done (actually maybe its like the Wailupe paddle.) Anyway we got out, and it turned out to be pretty good. A solid 3 feet with maybe one 4 ft. bomb, only a bit too inconsistent. When it got inconsistent, your mind would wonder about stuff like sharks, etc.
One point in time I was sitting on my board (with my feet up) and I saw some huge brown thing appear behind me! The first second in your head you think of crazy things.. Turtle?!, then fish?!,, then shaaark?!.... no! It was a huge ship Anchor popping out of the water. I think it was an anchor from a battle ship, it was all brown and rusted. So me and Pat decided to name our new surfspot "anchors".
So yeah, overall it was fun... just me and pat out, and fun 3ft. lefts and rights and crystal clear water.
(I couldnt take pictures because it was so far out). but use your imagination.

peace out


so im adding on to this post a few days later. Speaking of secret spots... me and Pat surfed another one a few days after we surfed "anchors". We hit the old spot, "Coves". also located somewhere near Ewa beach, coves is super old school. We brought bronson with us (who is 12 years old) and I had to mention to him that "I was surfing this place before you were even born" haha.
The day we surfed Coves, it wasnt that good. It was a little small, but all the same at least nobody was out except for us. good times.

Coves is located somewhere in this picture =)

Also we saw a hawaiian Monk Seal beach himself. You think it would be fun to jump on one of these fat boys.