Waiamea / then game night

Saturday we hit the beach again! This time it was Waiamea bay (hawaii is rad.) It was a beautiful day, except for trying to find parking at waiamea. Then at night, Chad McGoose came over for some game time.

Waiamea (north shore was flat today)

I dont have many pictures from the beach, since I was using my polaroid and my film camera most of the time.

Sam and Bella buried Bronson in the sand.

Then while Sam was working hard to make the rent money, I stayed home and acted like a 12 year old with Chad and Bronson. I recommend 'guitar hero world tour' to anyone with a playstation, the drum set is way better than the one for "rock band"... and some of the tracks for Guitar Hero include "soul doubt" by NOFX and "re-education through labor" by Rise Against. good stuff
This is Chad's fault!!! the end of the drum session for the night!

So we went back to the original games (tetris) after the playstation got old.
im good.