The easiest way to have fun on Mondays

It's really simple to have fun on a monday. As long as you dont have a "real job", as long as you have a free day, and as long as you have a friend like Cree.

all you need is a ping pong table

a fake moustache kit, and a cardboard cut-out of Chris's face mounted on a stick
.. and a cardboard Robot costume... and let the games begin!
oh, and you'll also need a pair of vintage OP cord shorts. (way above the knees is a must!)
Chris got a great candid photo of me setting up an "across the table" shot.
believe it or not, there are 2 ladies in the world that love us.
Detecto Creestallion
Vladimir Hook
to have fun, you must be cautious of dusty spiders on the bottom of the ping pong table.
and watch out for this piranha!!
After ping pong by chris's house we drove around 'da aina' fo' look for surf.

We stopped by the Molokai lookout?? i think thats molokai. anyway the air was super clear and you could see very far off into the distance.. is that Maui behind molokaI?? i dont know my hawaiian geography.

molokai (i think)
down below
next stop surf check... Sandy's. (nice but too crowded)
I think this was "Erma's"
nice one at Erma's
"Alan Davis"

Rabbit Island from the Makapu'u lookout

a crystal clear day!

So we ended up going for a quick bodyboarding session out at Makapuu. Only 2 other guys out, fun waves and great weather.

If this picture doesnt make you wish you were there, then i dont know what else I could do for you.

The final session for Chris's Project. Awesome! (wait till you see all of the photos from Chris's final photo project)
me and Chris's friend, Masi. the only ones out at the break.
I havent bodyboarded since high school. So this was a great day to fool around with it again.
fun little micro-barrels all day!!
the lighthouse on the distant cliff.
"talkin' about good times... gooo - ooood times"
outside sets with nobody on them.. =)
Cree spending some time uder the canopy.
The other guy that was out scored this pit, i was jealous
Chris taking a bath in some marshmellows.
picture yourself here.
Cree's project is now over.
we stayed out till the moon came out and the sun went down.

bye waves.

what a way to finish a long day of fun with some TCBY.
put some more sprinkles lady!!!
good day sir.
take it to the limit bruthah's.