21st century Digital D.J??

o.k..ive been meaning to blog about this since San Fransisco over a month ago. So yeahs, we were out at a club in san fran having a great time at "the cellar". It was eighties music in one room, and hip hop/ rap in the other room. we ventured into the hip hop room to shake some booty, and I happened to notice the D.J. had his turntables set-up like a normal d.j. When i looked closer i realized he never placed a vinyl record on his turntables. Im not too hip on d.j. technology these days, but i wasnt sure what was going on.
Aren't turntables for vinyl records?? This DJ was just using his turntables as a mousepad.

I guess i just dont get it.. but i thought this was ridiculous. Why didnt he put "off the wall" by Micheal jackson on there and rock my socks off?!!