Saturday doin's

So saturday I actually did stuff. Erin was nice enough to take me and Sam to the commissary so we could buy some edible products. Saturday night all the boys went over to oli's house to finish recording vocals on there new song.

oh, so yeah i dont have pictures from the Rise Against show on friday. But i did manage to get the 'set list' so you could see what songs they played. My personal favorites of the night were "state of the union" and "re-education (through labor)"..

Talon also suprised me with a lovely gift when we got back from our roadtrip!! Its a "bell & Howell" Super-8 film camera! so awesome, it even came with a nice leather bag. Thanks T-bone!

So we went to the commissary, and finally got to fill up our house with yummy food. I dont know how on earth we spent over $250. But i guess thats a savings, compared to what we would of spent outside the commissary. Also on a side note, it is TRUE that those grocery bagger kids only make money on tips... they do NOT get an hourly wage. Our 'bagger' made $4 off of me in 10 minutes... thats pretty good money.

After dinner, we all met up at Oli's house/music studio. We were all laying down some back up vocals/screamo's on Oliver and chad's latest complete track. It was a good time.

Oli mixing it up on the "ones and two's"... and the "3's and 4's... well pretty much on all the one's through 30's" (its a huge soundboard)
i think this is the "STAND AAAAND DELIVEEERR!!!" part
listening to the final product... its heavy.
you can see Bella passed out on the couch.. she can not handle her liquor.

then some 'fish eye' funs.

buy, bi, by, bye