i was in an art show (groundUP)

Wednesday night i was fortunate enough to be asked to be in an art show, to show some of my photographs. My friends with the "Ground UP Movement" asked me to be part of there show. It was at Aloha Tower in town, for the monthly 'Night Market' event that has been going on there. Other than the GroundUP art show, there was a fashion show, some hula, some music, and a couple of dozen local vendor tents set up. It was pretty cool and Im glad I got to show my photos in public (actually only the 2nd time my work has ever been in an "art show")

We put up our works at the 'waterfront' right next to the actual Aloha Tower.

My friend John also flew in from Hilo so he could display some art, and be a part of the live demonstration painting.

some of the other 'groundUP' artists putting up there stuff on the walls.. pictured: Shaun castro, REMI, and Pancho.

Me and John took the opposite wall and filled it up. I wish i had more space to show stuff, i had a hard time picking pictures to show. in the end, i was stoked with what was there.

showed these guys..
and these guys... I actually had a lot of great comments about my "bamboo" piece, even a few offers to purchase it. (but this baby isnt for sale... lucky grandma)
and these ones.. some of you might remember that "shark's cove" piece from way back when. the other two new ones are from our recent roadtrip..

here's a piece of artwork i displayed outside.. I called it "yum mum cookie munster attack!!".. haha just kidding. but seriously this "lady" was freaky... no front teeth, and she was eating her lunch and decided to finish it off with a VERY vigorous lick attack on her hands... the sound effects coming from this picture would very much sound like the cookie monster! ha.

here's a great photo to sum up how people reacted to my display of photos.. it just seems like the man just said to the woman... "we're leaving !!"

the live painting action... John Butler starts his sketch on the wood canvas.

at the peak of the evening, there was a good turnout of people. I dont know how many people actually walked through the art show, but enough at least.

the fashion show.. the theme of the whole "night Market" event was 'RECYCLING' and 'WASTE'... so you can see how this fashion show went... interesting.

the final product of the live painting.. a collaboration between 7 artists

well thats all for now. Thanks to Sam and all the homies that stopped by to say hi and show support, Brandon and madre, in yo' fae xia, oli, chad, and t-bone. ciao