Sunday Wedding / wierd Macro

Sunday after our family day at the beach, I got to shoot another wedding. This wedding was at the Wailae country club down by the Kahala Hotel. The couples names were Jenn and Mike, and they were awesome. The bride, Jenn, reminded me of my cousin Elijah... it was wierd. Anyway, here a few pics from the wedding.

they had a "just married" decorated golf cart to take them from the country club to there hotel up the street... pretty badass.

this part of the wedding was cool. The couple had hidden 'golden tickets' in these green balloons, and after they popped the balloons the guests got to look for the prizes. I just liked catching this ladies reaction after the balloon popped.

unpopped.. popped!
then they partied into the night.

o.k... check this out. I just found out a crazy camera lens trick. If I turn one of my lenses backwards (my 50mm lens), it becomes a Macro lens! (for close ups). Like, its an insane macro lens.. it gets super close up. Reason again that the fixed 50mm lens is one of the best lenses in the world.

I used the rigged lens to take a picture of these items, a bottlecap and a feather. heres the bottlecap.
here's the feather... crazy right!?
oh, and chris's eyeball and contact lens.

yeah then... till later.