Photo night

Thursday night me and Cree went out to shoot some photos for fun. Its been a while since he and I went out to put away a few gigs of photos (7 rolls of film in Cree's case). We hit up this public park by cree's house, where he found an awesome "rocket ship" play set and a old school 'merry-go-round'. Keeping your shutter open for 30 seconds over and over again really drains your battery. With the help of Keola and his girlfriend Lilly, we got some pretty cool "space shots"

I brought out my 'lensbaby' which i havent used in a while, you can see the distortion around the focal point.
another lensbaby shot of the rocket ship
We wrapped keola and Lilly in aluminum foil and brought out the props to make true use of the rocket ship in the background. These pics came out pretty cool.. looks like it could be an album cover for an 'electric pop-rock' band.
picture of Cree and his nikon
this pic came out pretty cool, i think it came out just like how i was thinking.
its hard to make out Keola down there, but its him.
another 'lensbaby' shot of Waikiki

lensbaby shot of this cool toy by UNKL brand.

portrait of Cree
another portrait of Cree with some flashlight painting...