Surfing on President's

Monday was 'President's Day', so the Family went up to the north shore to try and score some good sun-rays and make some sand castles. It was pretty sunny, but the damn wind was crazy!! sitting on the beach you had to enjoy being sand-blasted.
Here's a shot of 'Jocko's'... definetely a fun left if you like doing slopey cut-backs. looked pretty fun! not bad considering the surf report said 1-2ft.

This is the right at Chun's.. nobody was really out, but it kinda looked like it had that wierd current going on.

"Pidley's", the left at Chun's,... not too shabby either. The water looked freezing cold though with the wind.

One of the funny things about Bella, is that she likes to go to the beach but she doesnt really like to get her hair wet. When she told me she wanted a 'boogie board' I was excited, cause I thought she wanted to learn how to surf eventually...
.. but all she ever uses that thing for is to carry her sand from place to place.
cruisin' with uncle Bronson
Chaz and Dorian joined in the fun!

The kids had a blast!!

One of the things that always intrigued me were little waves. I always wondered what it would be like to be miniature, like the size of a gecko or something, and have this unlimited supply of perfect little waves. Really though, gecko's should surf. Check these waves out

Even found a minature Teahupoo !!