Valentines Day

I started my Valentines saturday off very early. I helped Chaz sell some of his stuff at the Kam swap meet. It was fun to wake up crack ass of dawn early to head down to the swap meet, i havent done that in a while. One thing you can count on when you go sell stuff at Kam, when you get there, before you even start unloading your car.. there will be 17 old philipino people standing around your car looking for the first deals. Its amazing how many times you'll 'haggle' with some old lady over 50 cents. I'll set the deal at "3 shirts for $2.00!"... then she says "you take $1.50??!"... then you really think about it, not sure if its worth taking the deal..over 50 fucking cents!! ive paid 3 times that much just using an ATM that wasnt my bank. geeez. a fun experience over all.

Here is chaz after the first hour, nothing much left... but for the old man looking at those pajama pants... "$1.00 good sir!"

Our neighbor vendor had some shitty stuff.
But I took a walk around to see if I could find some treasures... I mean come on, where else can you find a box of old Army M.R.E's for $3.00.
I found this bad ass strawberry colored BMX. I would of bought it if I had the space to store it.
Muthah truckin POGS baby!!! It was good to still see this guy in business still, really brought back memories.
Unfortunetely I couldnt find the 'first federal' pog with gold foil dragon on it.
JACKPOT!! no 'blades of steel' or 'Kung-fu' though..
The lady assured me that all these bags were "authentic". ha.
And just in case Jesus and his disciples come down to earth soon, there feet will be taken care of with the latest in swap meet fashion.
This dude definetely was keepin it real. welcome to your first surfboard.

After Chaz made his millions at the swap meet, we headed across the street to Circuit City. Going out of Business sale!!! (actually not that much stuff left, unless you need another guitar for your guitar hero game)

the line of folks waiting for them to open... only 9 more shopping days!

In a bit of good news, I'd like to share that my friend Chaz here, found a purse abandoned in a shopping cart in the parking lot and returned it to the help desk in foodland. Happy valentines day you lucky purse owner.

Unfortunetely Sam had to work tonight on Valentines, so our planned date for a $200 dinner and a hump-a-thon will have to wait till another night.