bye to my best man

My friend of 12 years just moved away today. We spent his last nights at his 'in-laws' house playing Wii and hanging out.

Beer and Cheese Balls were served ala carte

Talon is good at bowling
Chaz is good at Bape-ing
Chaz was bringing his mad 'quick hands' approach to the Wii matches.
It was no suprise that I didnt stand a chance.
Before Talon said his final goodbyes.. they played a quick game of "Grabasstica" also known as 'grappling'

2:00 a.m. we played out our final late night game.
honestly, it was kind of wierd saying good bye to chaz. It really didnt feel real that he was actually moving until the final 45 seconds of the night when i was about to leave his house. It's then when I got real sad, but I didnt want to get into an emotional conversation with him, as I didnt wanna damage his nice wood flooring with my tears. So we just said "I'll call ya soon" and shook hands and gave a quick hug. I can let out some of my emotions in this blog though, cause I know there are only 5 or so people who actually check this thing, chaz being one of them.

It's kind of wierd knowing that your best friend of 12+ years, is about to be out of range of physical contact. Chaz was one of those friends that I still stayed in contact with after high school, not one of those friends who "oh, he's changed" and so on. We still hung out weekly and had our normal 'hang-out' routines. Chaz was the 'best man' at my wedding, and I was the 'best man' at his. We have absolutely shared the finest moments of our lives together, and now with both of us being married and being fathers, he moves on to the upper-west coast of america to try and make a better living for him and his family... much respected. Chaz I will truly miss you, and wish all the best for you, tanya, and dorian. Give Washington a shot, and know that if you ever need to come home, we'll all be here for you. Definetely hope to see you sooner than later! Road trip =)

Here's a photo from one of the best times in my life, 1998 i think. Me and Chaz met up with Kelley in california for a week full of Disney and beyond. most awesome...

"Cool runnings!" .. (peace be the journey) ha.