Wed KAM Swap Meet

To the Kam swap meet one last time with Chaz to see if we could get rid of the rest of his stuff he's not bringing to the NorthWest. Wednesday is pretty slow for selling, i definetely advise you to go on the weekend (even though its $5 more to sell on the weekends)

Getting up early once more. I remember when I used to have that kind of motivation to surf "dawn patrol".
Here's a picture of us selling shit for $0.25. This was before it got blazing hot (i cant believe how hot it can get at 8:30am when youre sitting in a parking lot.)

#1 customer of the day!!

I took another stroll around the lot to see if I could score some goods. I like collecting vintage camera's, and found this gem.... but the fool wanted $50 for it!!

I love the fact that you can find "kids toys" and "adult toys" on the same selling floor. Its funny because Im sure the people selling this 'dice game' used it once or twice before hand.... and they were very unattractive people!! kinda put a wierd image in my head seeing that "tease breast" could be rolled at any given time.

I bought this vintage 8mm movie camera! for $3, cant go wrong (even though im sure it doesnt work anymore) hopefully i'll find a purpose for it sometime.

The same guy that sold me the vintage movie camera had a stack of shit he was selling for $0.25 each! When you tell me something costs 25 cents, im gonna "Splurge" a bit.
I found this Cecilio and Kapona 8 track! ha

A new Nikon strap for my camera, its a nice gold and maroon color =)

stupid slides.

I will spend 25 cents on just about anything.

Bye buy bi by