North shore search for sun.

Me and sam went up to the north shore in search of some sunshine. We ended up at "Lani's" and it looked promising at first, some good sun, waves looked good too. But that only lasted about 30 minutes, then the clouds came out and it got windy.
Lani's looked a bit windy but ok. I didnt go out
Avalanches looked pretty good, but kinda inconsistent. i didnt go out.
So instead of surfing mediocre waves, I stayed on the shore and took pictures of awesome little waves again!

We then went into classic haleiwa town to get lunch and do some shopping.

we hit the normal spots of course!
one of the stores had a bunch of photo's for sale by photographer, Clark Little. Clark is by far my favorite water/surf photographer... i definetely recommend looking up his stuff. His dad is the photography teacher at LCC too, fun stuff.
The 'bible man' was preaching again at the bus stop by Storto's. He had an assistant this time, doing back-up preaching with him.
I think earlier they did some graffiti on this verizon ad. "Satan is FAG".. hilarious!
I had Storto's of course for lunch. Had the 'Waimea' with everything and 1000 island dressing.
Sam chose to get italian.
Over $10 for lasagna served on a styrofoam plate!! gimme a break!
We did manage to score this shirt for Bella at that kid store in haleiwa... $5 deal! and....
it glows in the dark!!! saweetness.