We started off the supersticious day with a good ol' fashion board meeting. Mililani skatepark on a beautiful empty morn'

Look at this crazy ass pop shove-it that Chazzy grabbed!! (very high)
when youre out of your skating "prime" age, you need to take a seat and rest every once in a while.
Chazmataz still kills it though... FSNS

After our early morning session of skate, we hit up D&B's to celebrate chazs' nephew's 3rd birthday party.. D&B's is pretty rad, cause they have STREET FIGHTER II. Here chaz takes on his brother in a classic Ryu VS. Ken match..!
Chaz is the victor.. (he used all the cheat patterns)
A profile picture of the birthday boy, Achiles
If youre at D&B's and have a hard time deciding between the Chicken parmesan alfredo, or the 'goldfingers'.....
choose the Chicken parmesan..