Stump TRIVIA Tuesday at 'The Manifest'

Though I doubt we'll ever win because my genius dad isn't here anymore, we are still gonna go to Trivia at Manifest tonight. We've been going consistently for the past month or so, and it's getting even better. The teams are getting better, the hot dogs are tastier, and the team names are getting even funnier (ex. "Scream Penis", winning team 2 weeks ago.)

I'm gonna fill up on the Hot Dog/ Beer combo, I'm gonna try and figure out how to use the lost information in my brain, and hopefully i'll see you at Manifest tonight.
Team "Bithchin Corndog" 4-life
get there early to get yourself comfortable...
Last week's Bitchin' Corndog team. I think our team should of been called team "Jack Hook" though, because my dad was the one who answered everything for us. I dumb

Last weeks' winning team= "Mermer Labia"