When Woebots and Palmetto were here. Part 1.

Many moons ago, my friend Paul came to visit Oahu and stay with me for a little bit. He also came down with our friend Aaron (Angry Woebots), but Aaron stayed with his fam in Kaneohe. We did a lot of beach stuff, partying out in town, studio sessions, and random activites. It was good to have the homies in town.
Here are some pictures from a day we spent hanging out in a bunch of seaweed at Makapu'u.
Lofa attack
Paulie Christ air maneuver over the seaweed
Lofa and Paul reliving the Machado/Slater moment from the pipe masters

Lofa believes the wolf face makes you a better bodyboarder...
slide glide
I see now why the Sharks had boners.

raise your hand for a little rinse cycle on the washing machine
this was a real "Who Farted?!" moment (look for the bubbles)
Nirvana baby Woes