Our Anniversary date in Waikiki. July 10th

Last month we celebrated our 5 year anniversary!! We actually celebrated a few days early, because I was going to be in California on July 10th. We got a babysitter and enjoyed a wonderful day with just the two of us. Hung around Waikiki and played tourist, had dinner at our favorite restaurant, then stayed the night in a hotel. We also got each other some nice gifties, Sam got me a Fuji Instax Camera, and I got her the iPad she's wanted for a while. Yay for us.
We stayed at PacBeach in Waikiki (it's the one with the aquarium restaurant)
Walked around Waikiki and enjoyed the sunset hours..
Broke our mouths at Roy's restaurant. Li Hing Margarita's, YUM.
Got some legit alley way champagne in a paper bag and took it up to our room. Celebrated ;)
Enjoyed the moonrise from the balcony.

1,825 days of awesomeness so far. A million more to go. I love my wife.