The Analog Sunshine Recorders. Photography Exhibit. This Saturday

This week my friends and I have been working on putting up a new photo exhibit at The Manifest.
The show is called ''THE ANALOG SUNSHINE RECORDERS'', and for good reason too. The photo exhibit consists of over 200+ photos, all of the photos shot on film, hence the name Analog. Not just 35mm film either, the show consists of work from 12 different artist, some shooting on 35mm, some 120 film, slide film, infrared, some polaroid, etc. Some folks also printed out the work themselves using different emulsions, tricked out paper machines, and simple magic. What we're saying is, come down to The Manifest on Saturday for the official opening and look at all the shit on the wall!

The Manifest wall was a fun challenge to fill with photos ranging between sizes of 3"x3" to 18"X24".
Although the photos are all very individual, they are all displayed in unison. Everything was hand mounted onto beautiful handmade plywood. Every picture needs a look.

Hope to see you at the official opening reception this Saturday, August 21st. Come at 8:00pm and party with us.