The Analog Sunshine Recorders. Opening reception recap.

I'm late, fortunately i'm not pregnant.

We had the opening reception for our recent exhibit, "The Analog Sunshine Recorders", a few weeks ago at The Manifest. Here's a recap of that fine event.
It took us a few days to get everything up on the wall. What everything is, is over 200+ different photos from 12 different artists. It was a little hard to put everything up on the wall, because some of the stuff is so small, placement was a big consideration. Some of the stuff was so big and heavy, we had to use some heavy duty hardware. In the end we created an almost like wallpaper coverage of the brick wall. A plethora of colors, something to keep the eyes busy and mind entertained, a display for the film lover in everyone.

All of the work is displayed in uniform. All the photographs are mounted onto these beautiful pieces of maple plywood.

The opening reception was on Saturday, August 21st. The people who showed up were awesome. People seemed to dig the display as a whole, and picked out individual favorite photos as well.
Our Polaroid Rainbow
in detail

"Rufio" was in the house!! (Actor Dante Basco, from the Movie HOOK). I made sure I got a picture with him, I even showed him my last name was "Hook"... showed him my non-crazy drivers license too. He's cool.
4 of the 12 Analog Sunshine Recorders.

The show will be up till the 13th or so, please go check it out. Buy some Drinks from the bar. Get Analog.

Thanks everyone who showed up to the opening, thank you Manifest, and mostly thank you Analog Sunshine Recorders.