"Rock That Dress!" with the Bridal Boutique

So what does it mean to "Rock that dress!"? Well, it's really quite simple, all you need is a 'kickass' dress and the will to have a fun photoshoot with it! Sam and I did such a thing last week. I highly recommend you head down to THE BRIDAL BOUTIQUE and get your hands on a killer dress. You can find your Wedding gown there, your bridesmaid's dress, or find a sweet dress to "Rock". =)
A lot of brides are getting into the Trash the Dress trend (which is awesome too), but if you don't wanna actually trash your dress, then you would love a "Rock that Dress" session. It's fun, it's memorable, and it's easy. Keep in mind me and Sam are nowhere near being professional models, we just got dressed up and had fun with our photographer, anyone can do it.
Me and Sam were lucky enough to get our hands on 3 different dresses, all 3 of them priced at less than $50!! We were in cahoots with photographer DAVE MIYAMOTO and he had all the great ideas for the photoshoot. I recommend that all the ladies out there who wanna have a memorable photo session, start with getting a memorable dress at The Bridal Boutique.
So here's how Sam "Rocked that Dress"...

AND... if you do wanna get super creative, Dave Miyamoto has no problem jumping in the ocean with you and getting shots like these!!

and finally a big thanks to Aaron Bernand and Mike Prickett for helping with the shoots.. and my friend Benny for letting us borrow his wife's 'Hello Kitty' cruiser bike. =)