Football. Kids.

I think I told Alika that I would post this about a month ago, sorry. Anyway, about a month ago I had the extreme pleasure of watching his son, Alex, play football in the championship game. Alika is one of the coaches for Alexs' team "1 Mission''. I think the league is for kids between 8-11 years old.
It's been a long time since i've seen kids play sports, and an even longer time since i've cared about a team winning (Bella doesnt play any sports yet.) Me and Sam watched from the sidelines and screamed our heads off, it was super exciting. Here are a few photos from the Championship game between our team and 'Westside'.

Pre-game Rally
Final words from Coach Alika
pep talk from dad
Alex, #6. One of the team captains, and actually one of the smallest dudes on the team. He's a badass though.
Check this out. Alex in size comparison to one of the giants on the other team. The other team was huuuuuge. Like David & Goliath type size difference. But Alex and the rest of the 1 Mission team had no fear!! They are crazy kids!
Game on
Alex making the tackle
Alex taking down #44 by pure intimidation.
Crawford, #25, in for the teams first touchdown of the game!!
Alex, going for the extra point conversion....
.... score!!
Father/son encouragement and care
The Beast
I told you, he has no fear. Alex trying to take down a giant (which didn't work so well on this play) so he's playing super smart and trying to strip the ball instead.
Injury alert. #11 on our team is about to get squashed by a dude 3 times his size. This resulted in our little homie getting pulled out of the game for a while. (The league is an age requirement, not a weight requirement which explains the ridiculous match ups)
A few plays later, one of our guys gets hit hard and an ambulance had to be called. I think something might of got dislocated in his thigh.
at the same time, at another game at the next field over, another kid is hurt. They gotta do something about this weight difference rule I think before more kids get hurt... yikes.
Anyway, game back on. Pidgeon, #17, the quarterback bolts for a touchdown. This kid is good.

Alex with the block, Pidgeon with the moves
#11, back in the game after getting flattened earlier. Back with a vengeance, and a touchdown.

All the way!
#25, from across the field. hot steppin'
#42 pushed to the ground by Alex!!
... Eat my dust..
Running in for another Touchdown...
... in front of his family... that's what it's all about.

1 Mission was a few points down (it was hard for me to keep track of the score, but it was a close game.)
A last effort to win the game for 1 Mission.
The game ended, and 1 Mission fell a little short of winning the Championship game. But I tell you this, all of them played so good. It was really inspirational to watch them go against giants and come so close to conquering them.
Friends and Family could not of been any more proud of the boys. They know how to show the kids love and support, check this celebration line out...
some kids were bummed, as I would of been after such an amazing game...
and some kids were just happy to be part of a great team and still showed the fun on their face.

the moments when a kid needs his dad to comfort his heart. Good job Dads/Coaches.
Alex + Alika
Quality Family Time.

way to go guys! I can't wait for next season, i'll be sure to come cheer you guys on.