The Pettyfords reunion show. Fresh Cafe 05/15. recap

so i'm a little late with this, sorry. Anyway, on Saturday May 15th there was an 808 punk rock reunion show!! The Pettyfords are officially back together, and to celebrate there first show in a decade, legend bands like Grapefruit and Pot Luck came out to support with power chords blazing. The entire line-up was good, bands: "Sketchy", "The Substitoots", "I Tramonti", "Grapefruit", "Pot Luck" (with Unit 101s' Pat Potes and R.K.), and "The Pettyfords" all blew my mind. I haven't followed the local music scene for so long, but this show really rejuvenated the little grom inside of me. I think everyone at the show, including myself, left thinking "when's the next one!?" . Thanks to Jason Miller for putting on the show, you rule again dude!!
Here are the pics I took, that weren't too blurry. I only took a few pics, I kept telling myself 'the more pictures you take, the more you have to upload (which is a pain in the ass.) So here's a quick photo recap.

Oh, did I mention people were also surfing 'off the walls' there?... get it?... 'off the walls'... ah c'mon
I made sure I got there early so I could see all the bands. Up first was "Sketchy", a solid 3 piece set.
I don't know if they would get offended if I compared them... but they reminded me of an early Blink-182, like cheshire cat early. I liked them a lot, check them out.
...and he was looking for someone with a fat sister. this song is for you

all right all right. Up next, GRAPEFRUIT!!!

It was so cool to see them again... in my head I kept thinking.. 'yeah, I remember this song'. Hearing them also reminded me of listening to RadioFree Hawaii. Does anyone else remember when RadioFree would play a song, and people could call in and vote to either play it again, or play a new song?.... I remember they played 'Letterman', then everyone (including me) called to play it again. I think it ended up being played like 6 times in a row, which in the radio world is suicide (R.I.P.), anyway it was awesome. Anyway, yeah, they played 'Letterman' again at the show... I loved it.

I also won a 'Grapefruit' shirt, c.d., and a 7" (record). win win.

still rockin. Also, there is a pair of pink panties (the sexy kind) on the stage, but Brandon is blocking it with his radness.
The show was all ages, but 21+ could get upstairs and get some drinks. Also upstairs, I spotted Woebots!
waiting... waiting.

Up next, "The Substitoots".
It'd be the first time i've seen them as well. Liked it. A few words to describe them~ Fast. Fast. Fast.
oh, and the drummer kills.

Next up. "I Tramonti".
These guys were so solid, and so good at putting music together.

"Potluck" !

Pat Potes, from Unit 101, played guitar with them... which was like deep frying twinkies... it added goodness to something that was already good.

It was super good to hear/see them play again. Not that I completely forgot, but damn, they are F-ing good! Why aren't they millionaires?
this must be when they played "Work", my favorite Pot Luck song. It's your favorite song too if you've ever had a shitty job.
Pat Potes kills. I've always been jealous of his guitar/singing/on stage style. Glad he played with Pot Luck, cause they were able to play some Unit101 covers that gave me goosebumps.

to top the set off, R.K. came on stage to sing the last song with them. (this is the 'how's the song start off again?' look.)

The Pettyfords
you say you havent heard The Pettyfords yet? You were too busy in the 90's?.. I don't know if this a perfect assessment, but if you wish Screeching Weasel and Green Day had a baby, then 'The Pettyfords' are for you!

I made sure I got some detail shots to show you guys... like the Pettyfords c.d....
... and Jeremy's enchanted area.

The new song "Only the good die young" is really really good.
They played until the 'get the fuck out' lights turned on. Punk rock lives

I promised a few blurry pictures right?

ALOHA means goodbye