Bella goes Snorkeling

We went to the beach about 3 weeks ago. We bought Bella a new beach set-up, we got her a new 'Hello Kitty' bathing suit, a new Billabong rash guard, and a new snorkel set. We hoped she would get over her fear of getting her head wet at the beach. Until now, she had a hard time holding her breath and even dunking her head underwater. Bella could barely figure out the natural human instinct to at least try and 'doggie paddle'. Well that all changed at the beach this day. I've never seen her so brave, she floated around all by herself and figured out how to breath through her snorkel and kick and flail her way over the shallow reef and explore. She loved it, and we loved watching her learn how to swim.
Bronson, Bella, Sam, and Leiana
Bella cruising all by herself, looking for Spongebob.
whoa, easy there Bo Derek