New Old Cams

I bought some old cameras recently.  Buying old cameras is a great way to stay enthused about photography.  Old cameras require a bit of thinking, a bit more hands on love, and improves your street cred with all the hipsters.
First, I'm really excited about my Nikonos II find.  Straight kung-fu metal underwater camera.  F2.5 is pretty decent.  I'm going to be the next worst surf photographer.  I just loaded a roll of Ilford 400 BW, but haven't shot it yet.

You have to take the camera apart into 3 separate pieces to get the film in there.  I like work

I also found a sweet pair of Polaroid SX-70 Land Cameras at the swap meet.  It's pretty rare to find them with the original flash accessories too.  

Leather case, bonus.  

Haha, Kodak 110 camera, I found in the 'bric-a-brac' section at Savers for $3.00.  Looks brand new, never used.  Gotta go grab some film online before it turns to dust.

One of my faves, probably cause I'll use this one the most.  I gotta replacement for my old Nikkormat and broken FG.  A working FG! yay.  I found this beauty (and the Nikonos) at my favorite local camera store Hawaii Photo Rental.  

This camera came with a 50mm 1.8, and the lens had some element separation problems.  I thought maybe the oil looking coating flaw would give the images a neat effect.  But after my first test roll, no bonus.  I got a roll of 3200 BW in there right now... that way I can take pictures of dirty people in parks at night.

here's an unedited image from my first test roll of fuji chrome.  I likes

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