Issues of FLUX. new one, old one

I put some images in the recent issues of FLUX magazine.  This past summer, Art & Design issue, and recently the fall, Taboo issue.   It's been absolutely too good shooting for FLUX, it's a great magazine, so you should go buy and read one.  Look at the pictures.  

In the recent Taboo issue, I shot a few profile pictures, and some ADs..

Also, I put together an image for an AD for a group artshow that I am in... is that like shitting where you eat?.. I dunno.   But def check out the show at GOHA on Sept 16th.   yay

And my personal favorite image, is the AD we did for Manifest.   Fuckin' love it.

..some coverage of the Water writes event.

In the past Summer issue, they used my photo for the cover which is like having a self induced boner.

I shot the mens fashion editorial, because everyone knows, I like handsome dudes.

dat dat