"Lights Out" Recap. 4 months ago

Look who decided to get back on the blog wagon, 4 months late. I need to catch up on a lot of stuff, but I guess since the last thing I blogged about was the opening of my latest solo Art Show, I figured I'd start blogging again with the recap of that night. The opening night of "Lights Out" was great, it was everything I expected, my friends were there, and best of all the stripper didn't flake out.

I realize now, that I didn't document any of the show myself. I forgot to take pictures of all the pieces on the walls. I forgot a lot of things. My buddy pal, Kris Labang, did take some fun pictures during the night.
These photos are from the "Lighter Being" series. A collection of light painting photographs.
These are the "Animal Skin" photographs, part of the Light Projector collection.
aha, this is a rough estimate of what was going on in the 'pop-up' installation room. The installation was called "Choices". It involved two tandem bikes, 1 topless stripper, and one bearded large dude... and you had to be there.
This is me and my wife.
Richard enjoys my favorite piece from the show. Entitled "False Hope", this fake bathroom door I installed was a success.

Austin gets it

me and my boyfriend and his wife

Lights Off

Here are some of the new photography pieces I put in the show;
"The Camper" part of the light painting collection
"The Kids"
"H EEN" part of the new Light Projector collection