12th Ave Grill. Eat there, look at the walls.

I had the extreme honor of being asked to show some art in 12th Avenue Grill.

12th Ave Grill is a very nice restaurant located on, yes you guessed it, 12th Avenue in Kaimuki. I was asked if I could show some art work for the summer, keeping it colorful and light. I put up a mix of some old film and new digital works, and I think it looks pretty good in there. If you get a chance, please head over there and treat yourself to an absolutely delicious dinner (I recommend the kahuku corn & crab cakes if they are available, the Mac and Cheese, or the Flat Iron Steak.) Thanks :)

Be like Keola and eat the Mac and Cheese.

special thanks to Denise Luke for the opportunity, and Kamea Hadar for recommending me.