A while ago Chris put together a fun little workshop about Pinhole photography. Vince and the C.R.C. hosted the gathering, and we all had fun. First we had to walk around Chinatown looking for our own materials to make the pinhole camera. You could use anything, a box, a plastic toy, an A.C. power chord, or in my case, a Redbull can. We loaded up our cameras with photo paper, then hit the streets to expose our shots. We developed the photos on the spot and we were able to look at our street magic instantly. Funsies.

Ikaika Says Anything

Everything on the table has been turned into a camera.
I made my cameras out of an old milk carton, and the redbull can. I exposed each piece of paper for roughly 4-5 minutes.

this caption is the photo

dakine darkroom

developed and drying

was good chinatown fun.