"Lights Out". My latest solo Art Show. 03-11-11

Friday March 11th, will be the opening reception to my new solo art show. The show is called "Lights Out". It will be at the Gallery of Hawaii Artists, in the Waikiki Landmark Building 1888 Kalakaua Ave. STE #C312. Promptly at 7:00pm-11:00pm (Pop-up installation room will be open from 7-8pm only!!)

LIGHTS OUT is a collection of photographs I took without using daylight/sunlight. By taking pictures at night or in the dark, you are able to 'create pictures' rather than 'capture pictures'. When taking pictures in the day, because of the bright light, you are a bit limited to one major camera function, the shutter speed. Over 95% of photos (that I take) in the day are taken with a shutter speed that's faster than a single second. Most photos are shot anywhere between 1/30 of a second to 1/6400 of a second, so really you are just capturing images, seeing a scene at a fraction of a second at a time.
Taking pictures in the dark gives you access to time. In the dark, you can leave your shutter open for minutes at a time. You can supply your own light, you can show the camera only what you want it to see. You have control over the image, you can create your photograph.
In this collection of photographs for my show, I used different light sources to create my pictures. I will show a collection of photographs made with light projections. I will show a collection of photographs made with using external flashes and LED lights. And a bunch of other random long exposure stuff will be hanging around.
For the opening reception, I will also be setting up a 'pop-up installation'. This installation will be more of a performance/ interactive art piece. Hopefully with a "WTF" reaction. =)
Hope to see you there.

And a huge thanks to Carolyn Mirante, the owner/director of the gallery, for asking me to show and believing in me... and for letting me put up a bunch of shit in frames, hang it on the wall, and call it Art. =)

Here are some behind the scenes/ out-takes from my recent late night photo adventures.
out-take from an attempt at light painting.
behind the scenes of "The Kids" photo
out-take from "The Tattoo"
Behind the scenes. "Animal Skin" light projection series
thanks Austin Larson for these pics

Check the Promo. Thanks Keli'i Grace for making me look cooler than lame.