Family day at the bay.

Sunday, I got to borrow Dave's underwater housing, so I figured we'd make it a beach day and try and get some photos. We actually went to mokuleia first (because I wanted to surf), but the weather turned real bad quick. The sky got wet and the clouds covered the entire north shore. We drove up to Ehukai to see if there was anything going on up there, but nothing exciting was happening. By then the weather cleared up a bit, so we went back down to Waimea for a quick swim. The shorebreak looked kinda fun, all though the winds were on shore and conditions bogus, I figured i'd at least jump in the water to take some pictures. Since it didnt look like i was gonna be able to get any epic wave pictures, i tried to get creative and shoot everything at f-2.8 in hopes to get at least one good picture with a cool abstract depth of field. Well, I didn't get anything good... but here are the pictures me and sam took at the beach.
Chris and Kara came and joined us for bad weather festivities.
The sun peeked out a little at times.
I got in the water with Chris

Sam stayed on the sand with Bella. She got a couple pictures of me playing in the water..
i think this is the picture of me taking the picture below this one...
I'm pretty sure (according to time stamp) this is that same wave as above.
I got a little bent on a couple mini pounders. that was pretty fun actually.
I like the comb-forward look, bubble nose.

Bella, she wants to get crazy in the shorebreak already