Bella on the Tracks

Yes, I'm going to be one of those dads who has a million pictures of their kid. Yes, I'm going to try and embarrass Bella every chance I get. I will chaperone her first date, haha.
Anyway, the other day, our family went to go visit the Motz family out in Ewa Beach. After we left Cameron's house, we drove around looking for places to hang out and take some pictures. We stopped by the train tracks in Ewa and took some quick photos of Bella. Bella is really awesome at not being natural. She hates smiling for pictures, she doesn't even like making funny faces. She does not like being in pictures, how ironic.

I guess this is as 'natural' as it'll get for now.
This is Isabella's idea of making "funny faces"... yeah, check the top right one. funny