Analog Sunshine Recorders: Slow Jams, The Pinhole Edition

Hi Gang, now hear this;
Me and friends, who are more talented than I am, are putting together another "Analog Sunshine Recorders" show.
You may remember the last Analog Sunshine Recorders show that was at The Manifest. Yes, the infinite color labyrinth that was blasted on the wall at Manifest. Well, another show is about to happen at 39 Hotel.

This new show is prepared to rape your retinas.
"The Analog Sunshine Recorders are a collective of
photographers outfitted with homemade, low-tech, and DIY cameras.
With our little boxes of air we record what we find on a spectrum of
analog emulsions. We set out to explore, understand, and celebrate the
world around us by seeing it through a camera that celebrates the
photographic mediums historic foundations. In this selection of pinhole
camera images we highlight film-based photography and show the potential of

INFO: happening. Friday February 4th at 5:00pm. @ 39Hotel. (yes, this is First Friday, so do make sure you get there early to enjoy the artwork.)

Ikaika Akana
Kara Akiyama
Megan Bent
Elizabeth R. Curtis
Eva Enriquez
John Hook
Darcy Iwashita
Ashley Katamoto
Klaus Knoll
Bronson Kyu Shimabukuro
Nathan Nachtigall
Nina Pullella
Chris Rohrer
Travis Sasaki
Katie Small
Crystal Tezuka