quick photo dump.

It seems i've been pretty busy, but realistically i'm probably not. Anyway, i've been taking a lot of photos recently, most of them weddings and the rest of them for my art show on June 12th. So I havent had an opportunity to upload too much stuff, i'll post the photos that are in my artshow after the opening reception. For now, here are some photos that didn't get deleted yet.

My Turtle Friend
Stopped by Vince's studio to help out with the Zine he's putting out in June... (Look for my drivers license's in the Zine)
He's got a kickass typewriter too

Driving home from a turtle bay wedding, I pulled over to take some pics by the pineapples.

Most of the pineapple's are still babies, but they will be full beasts soon...

okay for now...