"Mustache Power" Opening reception. photo recap.

Last Saturday, June 12th, was the official opening reception party for my first art show. The show is called "Mustache Power", and it's being hosted at 'The Manifest' in Chinatown. We had a Mustache Party on Saturday to kick off the month long exhibit. If you weren't able to check out the show on saturday, feel free to make it down to The Manifest any day (except for sunday) to check out my photos on the walls. They make some killer drinks of all sorts, so if you're under the age of 21, feel free to stop by in the afternoon and grab a coffee. Special thank you to everyone at The Manifest, and everyone who did stop by on Saturday night. I had an amazing night, thanks to all my friends.
I took a few photos from the party, and then passed my camera off to Chris, who then passed it off to strangers I think. I don't have too many pictures of the actual artwork on the walls, I guess you just have to go down there and see it for yourself ;)
For now, you can look at pictures of the people who were there. Or it's more like, look at pictures of the same people over and over again, with mustaches on different areas of their face.

*for more photos from the night, please check out my friend MIYA's website. She got some great partyyy photos of people too.

Thanks so much...
So this is one of the walls. I think you can 'click to enlarge' a little bit. It's pretty much the main emphasis of the exhibit, but make sure you look around Manifest for hidden gems. (also, everything is for sale)
at one point in the night, it actually looked like a lot of people were enjoying themselves, looking at the wall. I was stoked.
Early, before anyone got there.

We put out over 100 fake mustaches for people to grab and stick on their face. Sam made about 40 delicious chocolate mustaches for people to enjoy. We ran out of everything, which was unexpected, but awesome.

Mustache Party People.....

the biggest thank you ever...