Kaena Point. Long walk (hike) with the fam.

Like a month ago.
Yeah, this is from about a month ago, but i'm finally posting it now (so what). I wouldn't say this is a true 'hiking' blog post... if you wanna see a real deal hiking blog, please check out my friend's blog here- KALEO LANCASTER ISLAND TRAILS
Anyway, I guess you could say we went on a 'hike' (long walk) up at Kaena point on the north shore. We brought the kids, stomped in some mud, jumped in the ocean, and got tired.
Small photo tip: If your taking pictures in the middle of the day and you're too lazy to check your exposure meter, or if your light meter is broken for that matter, or you're having a hard time checking your exposure on the LCD in the bright sun... you can count on the "Sunny 16" rule. Which is, set your ISO to 100; Shutter at /125; and aperture at f16. I pretty much shot every picture in this post with these settings. It works pretty well if you are in bright sunlight. okay.
Bronson is following the "Sunny SPF" rule here. no burn yo' face.

Car fossil
Bronson and a crap load of negative space

Brennan was the first one to "Go Wilderness!"

she found herself a walking stick
off-roading. Go Bigfoot!

half way there
Da Bruddah's

Team Backpack
for every step I took, these little guys had to take two... troopers!

mud bomb test
Final Destination

Coolin' off

Some ground scenery on the way