The Day I met The President

Thursday, I went golfing. Technically I guess I can say 'I went golfing with the President of the United States', because Barrack Obama was actually playing on the same course as us, about 3 holes behind us.
Me, my dad, and my friend Dave played 18 holes at Kaneohe Klipper course. We got a call on the way to the golf course from the Starter at the golf course letting us know that a "special guest" was going to be on the course, so make sure we got there early.
Lucky for us, we got there in time to check-in and tee off before the Pres showed up and closed some holes down.
Fortunately I had my camera on me (because I was planning on taking pictures of the nice golf course). Because the way the golf course is shaped, and the timing of everyone playing golf, we intersected with the President playing golf about 3 times. The secret service/security had to search us and give us an airport TSA type wand check every time we got close.
I asked if it was cool to take some shots of Obama while he was golfing, and they let me, so here are some shots from the day. ( I wish I had a longer zoom lens, but at least I had my 24-70mm)

Here's Barrack (in the white shirt and hat) walking the green towards his ball.
Dave (with bud light can) and my dad, pointing out the Pres.
Secret Service in foreground, Barrack chipping in the background
Barrack had about a 12 golf cart convoy going on. pretty 'low-key' golfing
Putting on another green. We had a pretty good view from a tee box above.
Putting and hugging. I dunno
Some security in the bushes above the green.
after we finished our round of golf, we were gonna wait by the 18th green to see Barrack finish his game. One of the secret service guys recommended we walk up the street and hang out with the bystanders on the road, so we put our clubs away and walked back up to the road by the 18th tee box (we got security checked again). There were some people waiting all day to catch a glimpse of the President.
We were stoked when we saw Barrack put his club down and head over to the crowd of people.
Everyone had their cameras out. Barrack made an effort to shake everyone's hand, and say Hi to everyone.
Here's a shot of Daves Iphone. Dave was recording some video of the president, and he got video of the President shaking his hand. After Dave stopped recording on his Iphone, the 1 minute video disappeared off of his iPhone. Super weird...

The President shaking my dad's hand (purple sleeve)
.. about to shake hands with Dave
Shaking hands with me. It was weird, because I had my camera in my right hand, and I had to decide if I should put my camera down and give the President a nice gentleman's handshake, or if I should keep taking pictures, and try and give the Pres a goofy upside down left handed awkward handshake. I chose to get the picture and force the President to gimme an upside down slanky spank.
greeting some other people.
Dave foreground, Barrack background

totally there dude.
Barrack walked back over to the tee box and tee'd off on the final 18th hole. He hit a nice iron drive to the green, pin high, about 10 yards left of the hole.

finished up and convoyed outta the golf course.
What do I like about this photo?... It looks like I'm on Keanu Reeves intersection. (check the street signs.)

so yeah, that was pretty cool.
You know what's funny? I have pictures of me shaking hands with the President, and the blog post below, is a picture of a guy's wang hanging out peeing on the street.
It's been a good week.